Do We Achieved Dr.KALAM’S 2020 DREAM?..| How?|Askaadhee |Murali dharan|

“My 2020 Vision for India is to transform it into a developed nation. That cannot be abstract; it is a lifeline.”.

Dr. Kalam sir wanted India to become a “knowledge society”.
In a knowledge society, knowledge circulates through every individual. The individual need not be a very learned man, he envisioned that even the housewives and laborers will be a part of this knowledge society.
In a knowledge society, strength is used to protect the nation and uplift the weak. Using strength for oppressing others and causing terror doesn’t contribute to a knowledge society.
Kalam visioned that India will become a knowledge superpower, were people will live a comfortable life, the nation would be able to defend her boundaries and she will give her contribution for the humanity to progress.

To make his dream come true all sections of the society would have to work in a mission mode.
-> If you are a scientist or an engineer, work hard with passion. Technological innovation is the only thing that can make our nation a military superpower. Those big countries(USA, China etc) are so proud of their military might. When India successfully launched the Agni-V missile, the critical response given by Chinese experts shows their attitude towards us. They said that India shouldn’t forget her position.
Pure scientific research is equally important because it pushes our technological boundaries. Any new technique developed by American experts won’t reach us before a decade.

-> If you are a bureaucrat, work without and against corruption. So much money and resources are lost every year because of corruption and stopping this is to a great extent is in the hands of our IAS and IPS officers.

->If you are a techer, make your students true patriots and unique thinkers and not mugging machines.

->If you are a housewife, give your children some morals.

-> As an Indian, respect your history and culture. Develop true knowledge and spread it not delusion.

If each of us will do our job sincerely, the dream of Dr.kalam will come true.


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