Eighteen Parvas Of Mahabharatha!.. |Askaadhee |Murali dharan |

The Mahabharata has been written in eighteen books, called parvas .

The eighteen parvas are:

  1. Adi Parva
  2. Sabha Parva
  3. Vana Parva
  4. Virata Parva
  5. Udyoga Parva
  6. Bhishma Parva
  7. Drona Parva
  8. Karna Parva
  9. Shalya Parva
  10. Sauptika Parva
  11. Stri Parva
  12. Shanti Parva
  13. Anushasana Parva
  14. Ashvamedika Parva
  15. Ashramavasika Parva
  16. Mausala Parva
  17. Mahaprasthanika Parva
  18. Svargarohana Parva

Mahabharata is one of the greatest written Hindu epic of all times. The story spans over 100000 shlokas, or over 200000 verses, as each shloka is a couplet. It is written by Veda Vyasa, in Sanskrit. Consisting of about 1.8 million words, the Mahabharata is almost 4 times longer than the Ramayana. The Mahabharata, meaning the great battle, narrates the epic Kurukshetra war and the fates of Pandava and Kaurava princes. It is centered around the central theme of Dharma, and contains devotional and philosophical content.

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