20 Points To Prove How Thickheaded We Are…! |Askaadhee |Murali Dharan|

1) They told us to make Aadhar Cards, which would be the singular identity for all citizens.
We obliged.

2)Then they told us to link our Aadhar Cards with our Banks, Pan and Mobiles… otherwise nothing would remain operational and also that everything would be more secure.
We did it.

3) Baba Ramdev started selling noodles, instead of teaching Yoga.
We ate it.

4) National Anthem had to be sung before a movie.
We sang along.

5) They told us that Rs.1000/= and Rs. 500/= notes would be demonitised. They advised us to exchange the old cash by standing in long queues day after day with a deadline threatening us. They said Black Money would be recovered/ uncovered.
We did it.

6)Then came Rs.2000/= notes.
Earlier the markets would grumble when we fished out our Rs. 1000/= or Rs.500/= notes and wanted to change them.
Now we’re doubly cursed, trying to change our Rs. 2000/= notes.
We’ve accepted that too.

7) Then one midnight they started the GST. Prices of goods went haywire.
We digested it.

8) They told us to give up the subsidy on Cooking Gas.
Most of us did that too…except the top political leaders…!!!

9) The country’s highest ‘ Statue of Unity ‘ was made with Rs.7000/= crores of the tax payer’s money.
We watched it.

10) Two businessmen fled the country with thousands of crores.
We stood as silent spectators.

11) Cows blessed us with their dungs in front of our homes, inspite of the huge money spent on
‘ Swatch Bharat ‘ program.
We put up with it.

12) Local trains couldn’t be run on time, yet the bullet train was ushered in.
We were taken for a ride.

13) Since BSNL has been sick for years, JIO entered the market, asking us to light the funeral pyre of BSNL.
We did it enthusiastically.

14) A top accused in the Sharada Scam became pure as lily, just by defecting..!!
We watched amused.

15) One accused of terrorism became an MP.
We voted.

16) Cow urine cost more than a bottle of mineral water.
We lapped it up.

17) A highly profitable PSU like BPCL is about to be privatised.
We noted it.

18) Unemployment rate is highest in 45 years.
Still counting.

19) Onion costs more than Chicken.
Switched to vegetarian meat.

20) Let’s go back to the first point…
They are again asking for documents to prove our citizenship…

We are Left Wondering 🤔

Leave ur Comment Below .. If I have missed any Points Comment it ..

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