12 Yoga Poses to Energize Your Body For Summer

Summer is right around the corner and our calendars are filling up with exciting outdoor activities. Spice up your yoga routine with these fresh yoga poses to spark joy and energize your body for the season.

Instructions: Head-to-Knee Forward Bend
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Instructions: Bow Pose
Instructions: Chair Pose
Instructions: Side Crow Pose
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See also Challenge Pose: One-Legged Side Plank Pose
Instructions: Wide-Legged Forward Bend
Instructions: Shoulderstand
Instructions: Extended Side Angle Pose 
Instructions: Fish Pose
Instructions: Seated Forward Fold

About our author

Ryanne Cunningham is a practicing yogi for over 20 years and a yoga instructor for 16 years. Ryanne is a published author (“Yoga For Athletes” published by Human Kinetics). She has her 500hr advanced TT. She has studied at Satchidanada Ashram through the Hatha Yoga and Cardiac Yoga programs. She has trained at a Green Bay, WI Ashtanga and Vinyasa studio for 10 years and is currently studying Dharma Yoga. For the past 6 years she has owned her own yoga studio (Flow Yoga Studio in De Pere, WI) where she works with many athletesof all levels, including many of the Green Bay Packers. 


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