Xiaomi foldable phone will launch in Q2 2019 at $999: Report


  • Xiaomi could launch a foldbale phone in Q2, 2019.
  • The foldable phone from the Chinese company could be priced at $999.
  • This copuld be the cheapestr foldable phone in the market.

The race to develop and release foldable phones has suddenly become very real after Samsung and Huawei unveiled their foldable devices last month. While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold starts at $1980, the Huawei Mate X is priced at a whopping $2600, making both foldable phones ultra premium and unaffordable for the masses. Xiaomi, however, might do things differently.

A new report says that Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone is headed for a Q2, 2019 launch. The company has already released a concept video of its foldable device and also spoken about it officially, detailing the double folding phone and how the company plans to evolve MIUI to suit the new form factor.

The latest report claims that Xiaomi will launch its foldable phone, currently being referred to as Mi Flex or Mi Fold, at a price point of $999. This will make Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone one of the cheapest such devices to launch in the market, almost half of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and less than half of the Huawei Mate X. The report further says that the Xiaomi foldable phone will be priced at 999 euros in Europe and Rs 74,999 in India. The low cost of the phone has been attributed to OLED displays made by Visionox Technology.

In terms of specs, the Xiaomi foldable phone is expected to come bearing the Snapdragon 855 chipset with up to 10GB RAM.

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